Post by: / August 9, 2023

Ode to Floss

You wake in the morning,

and have a big yawn,

exhaling from lungs,

the air you have drawn,

You turn to your spouse,

awake in the bed,

To plant a morning kiss right on their head,

Yet their expression is foul,

not a smile on their face,

“My god your breath stinks!

this odour we must erase!”

Odour? impossible! Its a total disgrace!

I brush twice a day, sometimes three just in case

“What about flossing? its important you see!”

I thought flossing was a big conspiracy!

No not at all,

it removes all that gunk,

To help your breath problems,

Brush and floss for a slam dunk!

But your wire inhibits your ability to floss,

well try a threader, it won’t be a loss,

So you take the advice and start threading the string,

Lo and behold the the smell cannot cling,

You finish up and breathe in your spouse’s face,

“all I smell is mint! Good job! I can put down the mace”

You give a kiss on the head and can start with your day

Now your bad breath wont scare the people away!