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In today’s world with so many choices and options available, it is always difficult for the patient or consumer of dental services to know what are the best possible choices for them. Many new treatments, methods and materials are becoming available and sometimes more rapidly then they can be assessed.

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Our Thorough Comprehensive Exam And Life Long Treatment Plan

This is the most important and critical part of all ongoing oral care. A complete package of information, in the beginning, is critical before commencing any treatment to understand all its ramifications, to plan and have predictable outcomes and fully understand the role of the caregivers and the patient. This step is crucial in reducing costs and disappointment with any treatment choices.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation and the "Worn Dentition"

These are complicated procedures that require extensive attention to detail of the entire gnathalogical system( the chewing system), its function, disturbances and various possible forms of treatment. Restoring “What once was” entails careful evaluation of “How we got here”, and careful treatment planning to get the most long lasting result possible and the result, “We would like to have”, beautiful and long lasting.

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Smile Make Overs or The Best Personal Esthetics Possible

Photographs and Laboratory Wax Designs are the best way for the patient to evaluate what is possible before choosing a suitable treatment. Once chosen the wearable plastic temporaries give the patient, dentist and laboratory a second chance to test drive the original plan and make further refinements before the final restorations are perfected.

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