Bite Problems

Bite Problems, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome(TMJ) or disorders(TMD), Myofasical Pain Syndrome or MPS, Burning Mouth Syndrome.

As health professionals learn more and more about the human condition we are continually trying to group various ailments, symptoms, signs, and conditions into categories we can hopefully, treat as one entity. The difficulty, however, is that many of these conditions overlap in both their symptomology and treatment. In general terms there is a common theme, that all these conditions are stress related but what is not clear is “the chicken and egg philosophy” as to which came first, the symptoms and the disease condition, or the stress?

In today’s dental practice it is important that the dental professional note all the patient’s symptoms and be able to direct the patient’s care and if necessary, to the appropriate referral.

TMD, TMJ, MPD may include any of the following signs or symptoms, A stiff or sore jaw, headaches, numbness of the face or head, a noise when opening or closing the jaw, limited movement of the jaw, an altered bite position, tooth, ear, joint or muscle pain, stiffness of the neck or shoulders, hearing and even eye disturbances. Burning Mouth Syndrome most often affects the tongue, palate and or lips and though of different etiology may also show up with some of the symptoms above. BMS and other oralfacial sensory disturbances may start out as a burning sensation but may also include dryness and an altered or bad taste sensation. Causes can range from nutritional deficiencies such (certain B vitamins and trace minerals), to post radiation neuropathies, and anxiety and depression to name a few. Sometimes only a complex physical work up has to be performed to identify the individual
potential causes so as to begin the correct and most effective treatment even though it can go on for some time.

Few of these syndromes have quick and easy fixes. Patience and persistence are the keys to treating these conditions.

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